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Eurovision 2022 20 5, 7:05pm

@boring7 ...was not an isolated incident but part of a large, Union-wide, famine, which most strongly struck in Kazakhstan, but aside of that have caused people straving in Belarus, north Caucasus, Centra-Chernozem oblast (modern Voronej and Kursk oblasts), as well as several others, and if we speak of city dweller starvation - even in Moscow itself some people at the time had been resorting to cannibalism because of scarse food. But of course, let's go back to the party line of Yuschenko's government where rest of event is erased from history and instead things like "birth deficit" are counted to a number of actual deaths, to make it appear as if already horrid thing was even hirrider, because there's no such thing as too low numbers when we speak of political PR.