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Eurovision 2022 20 5, 7:10pm

@Lidonious Oh thanks for reminding of "justified" massacres to come. But of course we'll have to get all sappy and compassionate for these fucks, "oh boo-hoo, Serj and Den had went to Ukraine to do a little raping and pillaging and got a boo-boo on their hides, let's all shed some tears and give them a crate of cookies and barrel of homemade berry jam!"

If not for government protection - believe me, Ukrainians would've been far from first in lane to bash sense and regret into these assholes. With all our peacefulness - and after decade of protests none of which resulted even in a single policeman tramped to death, I *can* say that we're *that* peaceful - so, with all the peacefulness one doesn't need to mruder somebody to make shem hurt and cry in regret for the decisions they made in life.