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Eurovision 2022 20 5, 11:39pm

It's funny, you know. Sure I was aware of the poll which found that Finns trust Swedes the most and vice versa, and yeah, we've 800 years of history together, and Swedes sent A LOT of equipment and volunteers to Finland during the Winter War.
Yet, when asked what they know about Finland, Swedes tend to stare into the distance, and mutter something about the cold (like Sweden's in the tropics), knives (thank the Slussen idiots for that), or that Finland's technologically, culturally, socially, and economically stuck in the 50s (thank Aki Kaurismäki's movies for that image). Finns say Swedes are pussies, naïve, tree-hugging hippies etc.

But now I know something for sure. Yes, there's the Kavli prawn cheese which I love, and Atria's lördagskorv which Swedes love... but we're a team. We stick together, and we've got each other's back.
Of all the neighbors in the world, ain't a goddamn better one than Sweden.
Or New Zealand.