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Eurovision 2022 21 5, 2:21am

@Eikka Of course we don't, not like we had Kronstadt sailors rebel against Lenin, not like we had entire Civil War because of disagreements, not like we had massive protests in 1991 and 1993, not like we had massive protests in 2012 and 2018. Not like we *do* criticize government actively, after all. It's all just fifth column propaganda, in fact even I am a fifth column propaganda, I do not exist, and never have attended over a dozen protests since 2018, never volunteered to Navalniy's electoral campaign before it was shut down, never trespassed on government property to take discriminating photos of illegal trash dump at my city, we never doubt our government, never criticise it, never distrust it past the election day, we absolutely do not understand that to make a corrupted piece of shit work you need to constantly bash him with a club because otherwise he'll take a seat at your neck and strangle you to death while simultaneously robbing away your money and raping your daughter just for the kick of it.