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Eurovision 2022 21 5, 4:52pm

@Lidonious `And not all of them will be able to forgive and forget.` - it's called "and some of them will be and remain mentally broken in need of medical aid". Sociopathy is a diagnosis - and dangerous one for society, take on that word of somebody living with a government full of sociopath incapable of human empathy. Meanwhile if any of those freshly made sociopath will try to go on their own rape and pillage spree - they'll be belonging in a same mental cage as the ones that've hurt them. Violence begets a need to lock up and properly *heal* the culprits.

Speaking of mental institutions, now that's another swamp deserving to be isolated from humanity until - if - they get enough sense to realise what these fucking goblins turned their branch of medicine into in my country.

And just to repeat, these people need not revenge, they need a spoonful of sedatives and to be blocked from wielding any gun. Sociopath make near-perfect soldiers, obedient and efficient. But they make shitty humans. Don't believe me? Ask dead father of three that spent last days of his life in coma after ex-soldier stomped on his head for couple minutes because sociopathic drunken swine. Happened a block away from my home, few years ago. So if you actually care? - Do world a favor and #helpukraine with some mental drugs for those "righteous avengers" coming for our side of border.