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Eurovision 2022 22 5, 12:26am

> The point of NATO was to be an allied bulwark against invasion from a hostile communist force

My point is that when the alliance is already there, disbanding it still requires some work, so you might as well keep it for a while to make sure it's not useful anymore.

> what happens to Ukraine is both tragic and not the USA's problem

That's a point I can understand. Still, as a Russian, I appreciate that your government disagrees. For once, USA militarism comes in useful =)

> it's turned out rather nicely to the extent Ukraine's success in repelling the Russians will make Beijing think twice about fucking around with Taiwan

I would imagine that for a US isolationist you wouldn't care too much? =p

I'm not too much of an expert on the subject, but from what I know, US is too friendly with China ATM now to involve itself in that potential conflict. At least, not to the extent of Ukraine. Also, one thing that I took from "our" war is that our army is still shit =)
It might, of course, be mostly the issue of morale (there's A LOT of reports by Russian soldiers), but still I don't believe Taiwan stands any chance. But then again, I was *so* wrong about Ukraine back in February =D