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Child Friendly 22 5, 1:25am

@Eboreg3 I would be. Sexuality and sexual things are something everyone has to deal with and needs to know about. Also, the more you repress yet use sexuality as a selling point, the more deviant people become (not that I'm kink shaming, it's just a fact and sometimes it can go too far) USA has higher unwanted pregnancies, higher STD rates and less education on the matter. It also condemns yet worships sex in nearly the same breath. It's a sin, but it also sells burgers. It's for adults, yet it's all over kids media in subtle ways. It's lack of innocence, dirty and wrong, yet it literally the thing that kept our species existing. At least when it comes to sexuality, acceptance and education, yes, European culture is leagues better in this regard. Having grown up in the USA and now living in a European country, I get to see first hand how it affects people and how people treat it. Sex is seen as a healthy, normal part of life and it's just less judgmental with people who have it with males or females or decide not to have it all because it's not anyone's business and few people give a crap.