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Child Friendly 22 5, 1:36am

@Thomas The movie was meant to show the hypocrisy of finding it uncomfortable, yet watching kids of the same age range or lower mimicking clearly sexual dances, wearing pounds of make up and tiny clothes somehow doesn't. It's meant to make you feel sick, that's the proper response. It was also supposed to cover on how media encourages young girls before puberty to feel pressure to act more adult and therefore sexual in one aspect or another and how media affects them.

Instead of actually doing something to address the point of the movie, people got mad at the movie, but didn't actually go out and protest pre-teen beauty pageants, or stage performances with tiny skirts, or media overall presenting really negative and damaging standards as well as making every female feel like their sexual aspects are what they are valued for. Whether you agree that the film succeeded or exacerbated the problem, the response people had to it was open mouth insert foot. They could of protested both the film and the point the film in their eyes failed to make.

If anything, I'm uncomfortable with the fact that someone felt the need to make the movie that visceral to try to reach people and say that this isn't okay and force them to view what they see but don't question in a light that they tend to ignore, because it was so incredibly blatant that it was hard to not feel horrified by. It seems like unless someone spells out the message very very slowly and in big letters, people don't seem to get it and it's frustrating. Protect the children, but ignore the parts of society, including our own double standards and ignorance that actually harm kids.

If you and others reading this hated Cuties and think it was harmful, I totally get it. Continue to feel that, but also do something about it. Sign petitions about pre-teen pageants, leave comments on videos where clearly the kids are not wearing age appropriate clothing or doing appropriate dances. Contact or educate others about how media encourages women not only in pre-pubescent ages, but all ages that their sexual appeal is all they have going for them and what they are valued for. Attack the roots, not the symptoms.