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Eurovision 2022 22 5, 10:31am

'@molotovinpeikko' Signs point to no:

Key phrase: "No serious discussions were ever held."

And "NATO is corrupt" only works if you're being extremely vague with what "corrupt" means. NATO plays the game of states, same as everyone else; but frankly it plays it cleaner than most of its opposition or it's individual member states. It can be harder to sell a war of exploitation to the whole group than to a few profiteering members. America can sell guns and bombing brown people on Tuesday but recent developments in Germany make it political poison until Thursday, by the time Thursday rolls around German headlines have a "scary muslim pedophile" criminal case but America's backing off from Mosque-burning and a KBR executive going on trial for war profiteering.

I mean it's not like Ukraine is a flower of perfect peace. They have their ups and downs and terrible ethnic bigots too; but Ukraine is not engaging in a genocidal invasion at the moment so they are the party to side with. Life isn't some cartoon with perfect good guys and irredeemable bad guys, it is Life. But sometimes the good or bad guy of a particular situation is quite simple indeed.