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Eurovision 2022 27 5, 3:20am


> I gotta be honest, I don't care for the way comments on this website work

Can't blame you, this site has literally the worst comments in the known universe

> y'all absolutely needed a Marshall plan of sorts ... but to teach the Russian middle class how to do business

Well, it's debatable. Disclaimer: I'm just a Russian born in 1984 (although I like to see myself as a more intelligent one than the most, but it's debatable as well), so I don't have an adult recollection of 90's, and neither an economic knowledge for that period.

I don't think that the culprit was "Russians not knowing how to do business". If 90's were less harsh and cruel in Russia (e.g., because of US aid), it might really change the perception of "free market", "democracy" and "liberal values" among the majority of Russian population. These things tend to stick =(

On another hand, here in Armenia things got *really* tight back in 90's (, and Armenians are still much saner at large =)

> but imagine a Russia that went the way of Finland or Estonia after 1990...

I prefer not to, that breaks my heart =)

> I think Gorbachev perhaps would have had a better shot at such a future than that lowlife Yeltsin

Who's to know now =(