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Eurovision 2022 29 5, 6:36pm

I'm sorry, but your comment feels like a "Westsplaining". What are you trying to say?

> who have no memory of what the USSR was like for the ordinary people

As if you know how it was.

> the idea of Russia being a massive empire again

As if it's not massive empire right now.

> However many even inside Russia itself would rather than freedom and prosperity

If you want to indulge in superficial Putin-bashing, I'm not really interested, sorry.

> There has been massive protests in places such as Belarus and Kazakhstan…

What else is new.

> I doubt any other former USSR subject state would wish to return

I never said they would *now*. Including Armenia.

> The Baltic states … definitely wouldn't

Don't generalize. All Baltic states have a significant portion of ethnically Russian population, look up recent conflicts in Riga etc. Hell, there's even a huge diaspora of Russian and other ex-USSR immigrants that are sorta pro-Putin. People are complicated.

My point was "USSR collapse isn't seen as a particularly great thing by very many people". It was a complicated thing, politically and economically, and 90s in ex-USSR have been very harsh, and for many those were much worse times than Soviet 80s. For understandable reasons.