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Child Friendly 4 6, 12:33pm

@ImportViking Of course you're right and too many people here try to demand we self censor.

Apparently one guy (in Mexico?) has been stretching his foreskin* hoping to enlarge his penis but it weighs so much he's mostly disabled by the weight. He keeps it bandaged but maybe that's just for protection. If he has manipulated it to increase the size I have to wonder what the point is since it appears to be unusable for, well, anyone. But who am I to judge? I could argue it is hurting the owner but no one is hurt by discussing it.

Then there's Satan- yeah, people here can lose their mind over that and then refuse to believe Satan as the devil as Satan and his hellfires are non-canonical. Satan isn't even the guy they're talking about from the Bible when they claim he's canonical.

And then bathroom bills, transphobia and on and on … yeah, it's all going to hell in a handbasket over here and a lot of us just want that handbasket back and the bringers to hell to just keep going … maybe to their fabricated hell. There's real things to worry about but apparently not in this country.

* According to "people" brought in to evaluate penis size so "they" claim it doesn't qualify. It's been awhile since I read about it and watched an insufficiently informative video so I don't recall the details … like who was judging it's size, weight and source of the size