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Hitchcock Knew 7 8, 1:52am

@Tarmaque Ravens are FREAKISHLY smart. I live out in the southwest and ours are huge; got followed by a pair (mated, probably) through Petrified Forest Nat'l Park after the first time I gave the bigger of the two some chicken from my sandwich (yeah I know, not supposed to feed them) and every time I stopped over the next few hours they'd land by my car and wait until I paid attention and... paid tribute, I guess. EVERY TIME. At least it was organic roast chicken. They wouldn't take it from my fingers and one of the two was a bit more nervous than the other, so the braver one would eat his, pick the uneaten scrap up, and fly with it to where the other was and feed it to them. But they followed me while I drove and they flew, all through the park. These two had learned how to farm people.