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Royal Mess 19 11, 6:05am

@VictorMortimer With all due respect, it doesn’t seem like you know a lot about the current Norwegian monarchy. The decision to become a constitutional monarchy after separation from Sweden in 1905 was reached by a public vote/referendum, and the royal family was “imported” from Denmark/Great Britain. That happened because the Norwegian royal family line died out already during the Middle Ages, and from that point on, Norway was either under Danish or Swedish rule. Hence the royal families of Norway were also not Norwegian.

So, again with all due respect, I very much doubt your claim that the current Norwegian royal family’s wealth is ill-gotten gains, given that the earliest they could have started accumulating it is 1905. Which, while more than a 100 years ago, is still well beyond the age of feudalism, slavery or whatever else you may be referring to by “rightful property of the people”.

Modern Norwegians may not agree with the outcome of the 1905 referendum these days, and that’s perfectly fine, but the fact remains that Norwegian voters in 1905 made a democratic decision to have a royal family and were willing to accept the financial burden that comes with having a royal house.

Would they still make the same decision today? I haven’t got a clue, but that’s another question entirely.