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Lands of two wheels 23 11, 10:34pm


It's prohibitively difficult to bring home six bags of groceries on a bicycle. Also, in Canada and a good portion of the more northerly US states (and many other places I'm sure) there are months where bicycle riding is unsafe on many days, or even weeks if the paths, bike lanes and sidewalks are covered in irregular ice, or if the bike lanes are obstructed by heavy plowed snowdrifts on the roadside. Even in warmer weather, I found biking in the rain made my brakes very unreliable.

Basically, I'm saying you could use the bike sometimes, but you'd still need to own a car, because there's a significant number of days when biking is unsafe/impossible... and you probably still have to go to work or school regardless of if the paths are icy or not. I can't see any employer accepting "it's too cold, I'll come back to work in Spring" as an excuse.