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World Wrestling 14 7, 3:24am

@Shunka sure we remember and remember very well, how Finland helped blockade Leningrad and made ethnic genocide of russian population in Karelia by creation of concentration death camps* with atrocities on the level of the Buchenvald, Osvencim... So now you decide to return on the same way – we congrats you with your decision, cause now from neutral state you've become the target for our 200 tons nuclear missiles like Satan 2 – your country will need one or two. Enjoy your new status of the puppet of the USA.

 *you can read about this here –
I specially choose article for kids – it's on the same level of you mind development. But if you will interest you can google more serious articles about finnish nazism, children deathcamps with mortality rate higher then in Germany and e.t.c.