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Knights of old 26 1, 1:14pm

@Grutness What I have heard is pretty much the same as what you are saying here.
The countries that drive on the right, is France, her colonies, and her allies. The rest of the world drive on the left.
Japan and Thailand have never been colonies, and they drive on the left. Sweden was not an ally of France during the Napoleonic wars, and they were driving on the left until 1967. I don't know too much about other countries.

Basically, before the introduction of the car, nobody were DRIVING on the right or left. They were driving in the middle of the road, and they pulled over to one side when they met other people on the road. And since (for a right handed person) the sword would usually be on the left side of their bodies, they wanted to prevent anyone from blocking their sword. And thus they wanted to pass others on the left.