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Knights of old 26 1, 3:34pm

@Cris I only really need one reason for why driving on the right is better: Having the shifter on the right is better for a right handed person. Even British racing cars had the shifters on the right post-50s (in the 50s you could even see shifters in between the legs in some racing cars...), going against their normal cars. =)

And a lot, if not most, of the best Le Mans prototype racing cars back when they had manual gears, with seats on the right side like ones built by Ferrari, Porsche and Ford, put the shifter on the right side as well, in an otherwise inconvenient position between the seat and the door.

Some people say that shifting with your left hand lets the dominant right hand of most people remain on the steering wheel, I say poppycock. It's much easier to operate the simple rotating steering wheel with your left hand, while using your dominant right for the potentially finicky stick shifter (especially back in the day, or in a racing scenario) that needs to move in multiple directions and be synchronized with the clutch and throttle.