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It is illegal in the city of Brighton, Michigan, to be willfully annoying. A similar law in Grand Rapids was repealed in 2014
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To be specific:

The legislation prohibits physical violence in public places, insulting another person in a public place or harassing another person by telephone, e-mail or other forms of communication.

But the paragraph many are paying attention to reads: "It shall be unlawful for a person to engage in a course of conduct or repeatedly commit acts that alarm or seriously annoy another person and that serve no legitimate purpose."
What people will be ticketed for are things like continued neighborhood disputes, repeated text messages or ongoing harassment between ex-spouses or former boyfriends and girlfriends.
The Brighton ordinance, he said, is actually more stringent than many because the behavior has to occur repeatedly for a ticket to be issued.

Wightman, police chief of Brighton for 3 and a half years, said the town of Royal Oak, Mich. -- where he was the former police chief -- has had a similar ordinance against harassment for years.

He recently issued a memorandum that listed more than a dozen similar ordinances in Michigan alone. Northville's ordinance, for example, says it is unlawful not only to annoy, but to ogle, whistle or wolf-call at a person.

There are many other cities in the United States that have ordinances against "annoying" behavior.

Oak Ridge, N.C., has an ordinance against "unreasonably loud or annoying" music that interferes with "peace and good order."

And Glendale, Ohio, has an entire ordinance devoted to unlawfully harboring annoying animals.

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And this picture is perfect to illustrate this fact.


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If I lived there, I'm sure I would be serving a life sentence. Hah. St. Louis has a few dumb laws, though.

Such as it being illegal to sit on a curb and drink beer from a bucket. And milk men aren't allowed to run while working. And another law for all of Missouri, which I know for a fact is broken many, many times a day: it's illegal to have oral sex. I know for a fact that even police officers break this law. I dated a really hot officer who had no idea this law existed. Let's just say we both broke the law after a few weeks of dating.

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Freedom has its limits.

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I always had a feeling democracy would lead to a law like this. -.-

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You didn't happen to enter this in the Michigan Ridiculous Laws Contest here, did you?

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