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Canada and France are 25 kilometers away from each other.
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I'll bite. Explain sir.

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So, is it still possible to create new threads or is it still a bug?

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Italy is being chased through a scary forest by a monstrous woman in a red dress. Think halfway between Corona-chan and Zombie Red Riding Hood. Safe search might be a good thing to consider before looking for references.

Italy takes cover in a cemetery but it is no good, the monster keeps coming. All seems lost when the ghost of Pavarotti bursts forth from his grave. A yell of "Vincerò!" sends the monster over backward and it flees.

Explanation: People keep turning to Nessun Dorma against Coronavirus. A week ago, the most famous performance of the song was by Pavarotti, today it's probably the performance from a balcony inside the Italian quarantine. Or possibly the air show put on above the quarantine zone with the same music.

Not just Italians either, this tweet clearly shows the sheet music used to label Chinese medical supplies being sent to Europe.

Vincerò, "I will win" is, of course, the final word of the song.

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