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While insultingly speaking Russian to a Polish crowd at a time of heavy anti-russian sentiment, President Carter told them he was abandoning the USA and desired them sexually. The translator was fired
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8 years ago #9472131        

According to the BBC, it's even better than that:

"Jimmy Carter knew how to get an audience to pay attention. In a speech given during the US President’s 1977 visit to Poland, he appeared to express sexual desire for the then-Communist country. Or that’s what his interpreter said, anyway. It turned out Carter had said he wanted to learn about the Polish people’s ‘desires for the future’.

Earning a place in history, his interpreter also turned “I left the United States this morning” into “I left the United States, never to return”; according to Time magazine, even the innocent statement that Carter was happy to be in Poland became the claim that “he was happy to grasp at Poland's private parts”.

Unsurprisingly, the President used a different interpreter when he gave a toast at a state banquet later in the same trip – but his woes didn’t end there. After delivering his first line, Carter paused, to be met with silence. After another line, he was again followed by silence. The new interpreter, who couldn’t understand the President’s English, had decided his best policy was to keep quiet. By the time Carter’s trip ended, he had become the punchline for many a Polish joke."

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8 years ago #9496615        

Too funny. Poor Carter -- his entire presidency was like this: well-meaning but mystifyingly inept.


6 years ago #9798608        

Guys, that is what he actually said. The translator was the good guy.


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2 you think Trump would be a Carter, a Reagan, or a Nixon?
(I'm of the opinion that Clinton is already a Nixon.)

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