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Strongest alcoholic drink ever was made in Rakvere, Estonia during mid-war period. Labelled as "Fat Margaret" after famous tower in Tallinn, it was 98 percent pure alcohol.
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I have my doubts. It's supposedly distilled, but ethanol can't be distilled that high; it forms an azetrope at 95,6% at atmospheric pressure. Vacuum distillation could get it higher, but in Estonia starting in 1918? Let's just say I question that.

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First of all, I'm not a drinker, but as far as I know, no too strong beverages are meant to be drunk without mixing it in cocktails or any other mixtures (sorry for my measly English)..

My fiancée works in a hospital and according to him, drinking about 50 ml of almost pure ethanol would be enough to send a normal person into alcoholic coma. Heck, something this strong could even be used as car fuel (alcohol engines, I mean)

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