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Btother (Comrade) Soviet Russia

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Btother (Comrade) Soviet Russia

I imagine him as a Red Scare stereotype, who always spies on other countries with binocular, carries around a nuke in same way Norway carries The Fish and has given it a name thats painted on it ( “Zima”, which means “winter”. I was going to write “kholodnaya Zima” meaning “Cold Winter”, but that obviously didn’t fit in there), has black Stalin mustache ( i'm not sure if i did that right, it was from memory), and appears as big as Anerica, though he somehow fakes it. His scars and patches are result of Russian revolution & Civil war, WW2, and Winter War ( mostly Winter War, he thought it'd be a piece of cake but suffered quite heavy casualties and never got the whole Finland ), and there’s even more scars under his jacket. He's presumed dead but still lives in hiding and manipulates modern Russia, who tries to pretend to be him and appear older than he actually is ( i headcanon the beard is fake). When he appears, he's always picking a fight with everybody, especially America, Finland, and Modern Russia. I also headcanon that Sis

By: Sisu 10th July 2018

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Finland consumes the most coffee per capita in the whole world

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There is a beer called "Fucking Hell" - Hell being the German term for light ale, and Fucking being a village in Austria.


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4 years ago #9793524        

Forgot to mention: "Winter" / "Cold Winter" is a reference to cold war.

And the headcanon that was cut short was that Sister Russia would actually be Comrade Soviet's sister and Russia's mother. Thus "Mother Russia".
After Comrade Soviet "died from unkown reasons", Sister Russia raised Russia to pretend to be Comrade soviet (Because of his lack of wrinkles i headcanon Russia is younger than Sister Russia), but Comrade Soviet's ghost sometimes haunts Russia and spooks America.


4 years ago #9778765        

I think the Sickle and Hammer and Medals should exchange Places, Still it looks great.

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