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Cascadia and Brother Cascadia

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Cascadia and Brother Cascadia

I was bored, so I made a lesser-known secessionist movement from the PNW into SATW characters. Cascadia as a bio-region, which is sometimes used as the “claimed territory,” stretches from southern Alaska to Northern California, and from the coast to the east of Idaho. A smaller, somewhat more popular territorial stretch is just BC, Washington State and Oregon. Considering my username includes the word “Empire,” you can probably guess that I used the bigger version. As for the characters, they’re both rather liberal, (Canada and the west coast, come on), love the rain, and have been known to indulge in weed. Cascadia herself tends to be the more people oriented one, and loves art, coffee(Starbucks is from seatle), and more of the cultural side. Her brother is more the business side of things, with his tech innovations, massive business ventures, and science stuff. Tbh, I imagine them as children of Russia and Canada.

By: Grimms_Empire 10th October 2018

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A myth in Germany states that "German almost became official language of the USA". Actually there was a petition on having the laws written in German beside English, which was rejected by 1 vote.

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There are three sheep per person in Australia. New Zealand has seven times as many sheep as people. Both pale in comparison to the Falkland Islands' amazing 167 sheep per person!


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2 years ago #9794027        

Cascadians unite!!


2 years ago #9796013        

Hahaha! Excellent. Except Brother Cascadia needs a $100 haircut and a trucker beard, and one or both need plugs in their lobes.

Oh, and an obscure microbrew in hand. "I only drink Blond Beaver Stout, an ale so exclusive they only brew twelve pints a year!"

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