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SATW in Rottehullet

Fan Art

SATW in Rottehullet

This fan art shows our Scandinavian guys (plus Finland and Sister Germany) as characters from the Danish 70s sitcom Huset på Christianshavn (The House in Christianshavn), which focuses on the everyday life of the working-class residents of an old apartment building in the Copenhagen quarter Christianshavn.

Sweden is Meyer, the aged but busy caretaker of the titular house. Meyer remind me of Sweden because of his eccentric, snobbish and perfectionistic attitude. Plus, the actor who portrayed him, Arthur Jensen, was gay.

Denmark is Olsen, a blustering and petty removal man. Olsen remind me of Denmark because he drinks a lot of beer, and has not so few quarrels with Meyer (Sweden) throughout the series, though they do act as true friends to each other when things around them are really bad.

Norway is Clausen, a pet shop owner who feels a strong bond with the pets in his shop, and thus is rather protective of them. Clausen remind of Norway because of his passion for animals and nature, and because of his knitted sweaters.

Finland is Egon, a municipal employee who tend to mind his own business and not say much, but he can also be jealous and overprotective with regards to his wife Karla. Don't think I need to explain how he remind me of Finland. :P

Sister Germany is Emma, owner of Rottehullet (The Rathole), a pub located right across the street of the house. The male main characters spend a lot of time there. Emma remind me of Sister Germany because she's a strong woman who isn't afraid to lash out when necessary.

By: EricTheRedAndWhite 21st October 2018

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