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Drunk soldiers

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Drunk soldiers

Sweden had won a lot of battles and it had gone some years, but the countries continued fighting. Sweden was almost unstobable, but their will to fight was also going to lead to their fall. The troops where originally on their way to Moskow, but they got stopped by Russian troops that where waiting for them by the woods. After some time of fighting with no result, the both sides decided to wait. During the night, the Swedish troops, tired after all the fighting, and for staying up on guard, they decided to retreat while they still had the chance. Though, the bridge they needed to cross had been burned down by the Russians so they had to leave almost all stuff they had behind. The soldiers, who where not too happy with letting go of all their beer, started to drink as mutch as they could. It didn’t take long untill almost everyone was heavely drunk.

That was a big failure for the current king, Karl XII.

By: EUcomicartist 29th October 2018

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People who are half Norwegian and half Swedish are called "Svorsk". A combination between "Norsk" (Norwegian) and "Svensk" (Swedish)

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There are three sheep per person in Australia. New Zealand has seven times as many sheep as people. Both pale in comparison to the Falkland Islands' amazing 167 sheep per person!


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2 years ago #9807011        

I can just imagine all the danes singing 'Moskau' laughing at the swedes.

2 years ago #9806533        

Your drawings are really good, I'm truthfully damned that they don't have more likes

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