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Lady Agatha Heterodyne

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Lady Agatha Heterodyne

From the mountains of Transylvania a terrifying family of mad scientists have terrorized Europa for centuries, but never has there been such terrible fear as that instilled by Agatha; Girl Genius. (If you aren't reading Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio, you should be.)

By the way, I'm a poor artist at the best of times but I'm a dab hand with Illustrator when the mood takes me. I realize she needs some Jägermonsters to go with her, but that was more energy than I had tonight. Maybe later.

By: Tarmaque 5th November 2018

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Sweden has around 400 thousand moose during summer, making them the country with the most moose per capita.

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Simo Häyhä was a Finnish sniper in WWII who, with over 700 kills in 105 days, can be thought of as the most deadly human in history. The Russians refered to him as The White Death.


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7 months ago #9821053        

Oh, I love SATW version Agatha! :D Girl Genius is my favourite webcomic!
I love that you remembered her trilobite necklace. ^^

I'm all for some jägermonsters in this style as well, surrounding their mistress. The Boys are great characters.
(Hmm, what would Gil and Tarvek look like in this style?)

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