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Lady Agatha Heterodyne

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Lady Agatha Heterodyne

From the mountains of Transylvania a terrifying family of mad scientists have terrorized Europa for centuries, but never has there been such terrible fear as that instilled by Agatha; Girl Genius. (If you aren't reading Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio, you should be.)

By the way, I'm a poor artist at the best of times but I'm a dab hand with Illustrator when the mood takes me. I realize she needs some Jägermonsters to go with her, but that was more energy than I had tonight. Maybe later.

By: Tarmaque 5th November 2018

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About 80% of Ukraine's general population speaks Russian due to the times that Russia invaded Ukraine.


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2 years ago #9821053        

Oh, I love SATW version Agatha! :D Girl Genius is my favourite webcomic!
I love that you remembered her trilobite necklace. ^^

I'm all for some jägermonsters in this style as well, surrounding their mistress. The Boys are great characters.
(Hmm, what would Gil and Tarvek look like in this style?)

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