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How to announce a mobile game

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How to announce a mobile game


I went to a car convention to see my favourite car manufacturer announce their latest car. The presenter went on stage, I was so excited, but then he took out a bicycle.

I was upset, I'd travelled a long way to see a new car. I booed! and the presenter said "do you guys not have legs!?"

There were journalists at the convention who called me "entitled and rude" for booing. Lucky M. Gustave was there and said “Rudeness is merely an expression of fear.” I was afraid my favourite car manufacturer that I had loved since I was a little boy was shitting on me for money. I was afraid my future joy and entertainment was at risk.

To me, a bicycle don’t scream epic experience. I want a car, I want to drive countless hours and nights being enthralled by a car. That is an experience.

/end story

Full disclosure: I have played many many hours in Path of Exile.

By: Dayvi 5th November 2018

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Right after Britain voted for Brexit, the pound's value slumped to its lowest point since 1985.

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From 1809 to 1981 Denmark was at war with Huéscar, but people apparently forgot about it, and not a single bullet was fired.


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