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America's food confusion

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America's food confusion

Alright, this one needs a bit explanation, as it contains a few references that people unfamiliar with Danish pop culture might not get.

In the U.S. state of Iowa, more specifically in Shelby County, there is a small town called Elk Horn. This town was founded in 1901 by Danish emigrants, and its Danish heritage can still be sensed today. The townspeople have surnames like Hansen, Jensen and Petersen, they have a Danish windmill brought in piece by piece from the Danish town Nørre Snede back in 1976, and they have a grocery store which sells imported Danish goods.

However, the newer generations of the town seem to have got their own special interpretations of Danish cuisine especially. For instance, they have a diner that serves æbleskiver (balls of pancake-like batter fried in a special frying pan with seven dimples and eaten around Christmas time in Denmark) together with medisterpølse (a kind of Danish pork sausage), which is a combination you'd NEVER see around here.

America's reaction in the third panel is a reference to the SATW strip "Who to give Flowers".

The two men next to America in the last panel are Danish brothers James and Adam Price, known in Denmark for their cooking show "Spise med Price". They visited Elk Horn in a Christmas special of their show in 2014, to reintroduce the town to a true Danish 'julefrokost' (Christmas lunch), as well as a true Danish Christmas dinner. Plus, they taught Elk Horn's mayor Stan Jens a more proper way to make a Danish 'leverpostej' (liver paté) than the one he had attempted until then.

By: EricTheRedAndWhite 21st November 2018

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In Australia they have a lottery called "Slikpik". Which is very funny for danes, because it literly spells, "Lick D*ck" in danish.

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Over 90% of all gunpowder fired by the Americans during the American Revolution was supplied by France.


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3 years ago #9857413        

One of the characteristics of America is that we adopt customs originating in other countries, often from countries from which we've received a number of immigrants, and then over a few generations adapt those customs to suit ourselves. This comic reminds me of how food snobs sniff at our very popular spaghetti and meatballs dinners, because "they don't serve those two things together in Italy". We just say, "Oh, that's very interesting", and still continue to load our meatballs on top of our spaghetti anyway.

Now excuse me while I heat up my spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. :XD:

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5 years ago #9823846        

Wow! Very informative!

3 years ago #9860523        

America combines EVERYTHING. Those hamburgers with fries and an egg on them come to mind. Who the HELL wants to eat a fried egg on top their burger? Or eat the fries on TOP THE BURGER!? AHHH! I hate when my favorite hamburger place removes something great from the menu and then adds one of those monstrosities as a replacement.

3 years ago #9856802        

Yep, that's America.

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