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Victoria is a state of australia. The state has 7 million people. Victoria’s state capital, Melbourne, has 5 million people and is where the background is. Melbourne was once the national capital of Australia, from federation in 1901 to 1927.
Victoria’s look is inspired by my look; Pale skin and Red emo hair. I actually am a victorian-born citizen of melbourne. “Emo: the musical” was actually made in victoria, which explains why many victorian citizens, including me, are fully or partially emo.

By: PileofShadows 8th May 2019

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The smallest US state, Rhode Island (1,212 square miles), has a larger population than the largest US state, Alaska (663,300 square miles), with 1.055 million residents vs. 736,732.

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North Korea uses drones to take sneaky photos of South Korea


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