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Gateway Arch

So I just found out that Gateway Arch in St.Louis Missouri was designed by Finnish born American Eero Saarinen
and I thought it be funny/cute if Finland gave my oc Midwest (my oc of the four regions of the United States) a literal bent piece of metal as a gift for Midwest to represent Eero Saarinen designing the Gateway Arch

why I used my oc Midwest instead of Brother or Sister America is that I imagine her and Finland getting along being that a majority of Finns who immigrated to America settled in the midwest especially in Michigan (even though the Gateway Arch is in Missouri but that's still a Midwestern State)

also, Midwest is not blushing cause Finland gave her an arch but because her cheeks always look like that

I imagine them just being friends

By: AmericanButterfly 12th June 2020

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The Arch is boring. Living in St. Louis, that's literally where you go for a field trip 90% of the time in schools. If you get lucky, you go to the zoo or Botanical Gardens. Otherwise it's the damn Arch and the museum. Do NOT go up the Arch. It shakes the entire time, windy or not. It's terrifying.

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