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Ja, Ja Ding Dong

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Ja, Ja Ding Dong

I hoped if Humon has seen the movie she'll do a comic about it but I'm not sure if she will...

so I decide to do a fan comic about it, I wasn't sure how to make King Europe react if it should be positive or negative so I decided to go a neutral route and making where he can't even think straight due to Ja, Ja Ding Dong stuck in his head

honestly, I think Iceland just like the attention, I also made him positive because Eurovions movie is #1 in Iceland Netflix

here Ja Ja Ding Dong

and Here is the Song A Long that has real Eurovision song contests stars in it

By: AmericanButterfly 3rd July 2020

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Victorian pudding: Before the Victorian times the christmas pudding was actual a staple of the British diet, it was a way of preserving meat, and was only became confectiony during Victorian times.

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There's only one country between Norway and North Korea.


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12 months ago #9875775        

This was number 1 in 2020!? What the hell was I doing? I never got COVID and I was home constantly!

Oh yeah. Anime.

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