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American Revolutionary War

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American Revolutionary War

From The Declaration of Independence to the Finally surrender at York, here are some themes of the American Revolutionary war,

just follow the arrows edit I decide to number the panels/arrows so it will be easier to follow

one Happy Birthday America :D the Declaration was a very nice present

two, ugh Them American soldiers weren't as well trained as the British soldiers a lot of retreating had to be done,

three, It's cold, very very cold, lucky for that blanket, where did it come from? (I'll give you a hint it's around Christmas and it wasn't Santa Claus) (and he's in the picture)

four, France finally enters the war and America gets better re-training from Friedrich Von Steuben (being represented by Prussia) France is saying "France is in the house" (don't ask why I made her say that) and Prussia is saying Wonderful

five The British are shrouded no choice but to surrender

six The Finally Goodbye, they're not crying they just have gunpowder in their eyes (right... *eye roll*

Katy Perry - Firework (lyrics)

this song didn't exist when I first made this comic but I think it fits England and America very well even if the outcome where very different the song is Good For You from Dear Evan Hansen

By: AmericanButterfly 4th July 2020

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The Royal Navy uses loud speakers blasting Britney spears music to scare off Somalian piraty

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There is a beer called "Fucking Hell" - Hell being the German term for light ale, and Fucking being a village in Austria.


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sorry, guys, I didn't check if Katy Perry firework song link was available so here is a new link
I know the Good For You one does because I added it later

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