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Emperor Europa

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Emperor Europa

I had draw Emperor Europa after listening to the song Europa by Globus

my new SatW OC, Emperor Europa the father of King Europe, he and his son don't have the best relationship, mostly due to Europa mental unstableness and him being very hard to impress, though King Europe still loves his father even though their relationship is very strained


By: AmericanButterfly 5th July 2020

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Written by Icelandic composer Jón Leifs in 1964, the piece called Hekla, Op 52, requires four sets of rocks hit with hammers, steel plates, anvils, sirens, cannons and metal chains to play.

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There actually is a Pakistani TV show called "Burqa Avenger", featuring a burqa-clad ninja who fights evil people that try to prevent girls from going to school.


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the flag is made up, I didn't what to give him the EU flag nor did I want to leave it blank gray, so I drew a globe with Europe on it with a crown on top on a bluish-purple background to show royalty

the scar is to represent he been in many, many wars

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