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Out of the Darkness

this is a reupload cause we can't edit fanart and I for got Germany's mustash on the original post so this is a fixed version
please like and comment on this version and not the first one with mustachesless Germany

So bit more serious fanart,

I got an idea of SatW Sister America and SatW Germany burning the flags of their "evil counterparts"
Germany is burning a Nazi flag as he and Nazi Germany side-eye each other and Sister America is burning a confederate battle flag as she and Confederacy side-eye each other

the shadows linking is supposed to represent a link to the past no matter how awful it was

SatW Confederacy is my oc

song for Germany and Sister America: Start All Over Again

oh and the last battle by sabaton

the song is about the battle of castle Itter where American and German troops fought off Waffen SS to protect a medieval castle in Austria to save some French prisoners, they won

and for those wondering where Ottawa is, I left him out of the picture on purpose

please be courteous in the comments and don't bring up current social events

By: AmericanButterfly 18th July 2020

Community made Fact Cards:

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Godzilla has official Japanese citizenship.

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United States President Lyndon B. Johnson owned an Amphibious car, the Amphicar, and used it to scare guests by driving them into his lake screaming about brake failure.


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8 months ago #9841921        

Nice :D

11 days ago #9856914        

I immediately thought of The Last Battle when I saw this lol. I'm also listening to it rn

But the reason I thought of it was 1.) It had both America and Germany and 2.) it has the line "Enemies leaving their past" which fits perfectly with this

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5 months ago #9850186        

Confederacy is brother and sister America’s estranged second or third cousin no one really likes talking about.

7 months ago #9845125        

Of all my fan art this is the one I am the most proud of.

I love the idea of Germany and America telling their evil counterparts to go fuck themselves

Well maybe not by words but by rejecting their hatred and bigotry

3 months ago #9853332        

Oh boy...
I just can’t wait until China burns their capitalist flag!

8 months ago #9842419        

Why I made my fan character Satw Confederacy female.

few reasons, I felt that Confederacy would work better as an evil counterpart to Sister America rather than Brother America so I made them the same gender, why neither Sister America nor Brother America is the formal Confederacy is why Germany and Nazi Germany are separate beings, I felt it would be more fitting if Confederacy was female, there already a male villian "Nazi Germany" and I wanted to make a female villain, to show women can be bad too, someone on DA already made a male Confederacy and I wanted mine to be female

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