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Twin Flags

in real life Molossia and Zanzibar have nothing to do with each other but I thought since their flags were so similar, both using blue on top and green on the bottom only difference is Molossia has white middle strip while Zanzibar has a blag middle stripe.

so I wanted to draw Molossia and Zanibar excited that they have similar flags and claiming their flags to be "sister flags" and giving each other a hug, although hugs are not my strong suit

IDK just something cute to show the innocence of children

By: AmericanButterfly 7th August 2020

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Estonia has WiFi available everywhere in the country.


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1 year ago #9841721        

I think Sierra Leone is Molossia's flag upside down?

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1 year ago #9838229        

and yes I know Zanzibar's flag looks like this image
I was using the flag from the comic the appeared in Like a Cloud

also, I meant black not blag

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