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A Day at the Zoo

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A Day at the Zoo

yes, I wanted King Europe to be my OC Molossia's dad, and Sister America to be her mom (and no they aren't a couple I imagine more of "friends with benefits/a one-night stand" type of deal)

anyway, Molossia and King Europe are at the zoo and he listing off animals to see but mention walruses and that scared Molossia because Walruses are banned in the micronation of Molossia and so they decided to skip the walruses mostly cause King Europe doesn't want to deal with his baby's mama

Zoboomafoo is a reference to the PBS show Zoboomafoo where the main character is a lemur named Zoboomafoo

they ended up having a fun time

By: AmericanButterfly 21st September 2020

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Only one person has been killed by the police in Iceland ever since it became a republic in 1944.

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Over 90% of all gunpowder fired by the Americans during the American Revolution was supplied by France.


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Cute :3

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