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Molossia's Bio

I was inspired to share my version of SatW Molossia though I shared pictures of her before this first time I'm posting her bio

random facts, she likes cookie dough and uses it as her a way value her currancy give her a roll of cookie dough for a valor (Molossia money)

she can speak Esperanto and no one know how she learned it since neither of her parents speak it
(Esperanto is not one one of the languages in the EU)

she "declared war" on East Germany and then "forgot" about it but then remember the Ernst Thälmann Island, she still "at war" and because East Germany has no people she'll be at war "forever" honestly It's pretty much a game to her

she doesn't have any issues with modern day Germany but she hates NG

she doesn't like Walruses

she likes horses

she likes trains

By: AmericanButterfly 23rd September 2020

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Only one person has been killed by the police in Iceland ever since it became a republic in 1944.

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There are around 2.2 million saunas in Finland, 1 for every 2.5 people.


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1 year ago #9844486        

I'm thinking of aging Molossia up to 11 or 12 so she will be closer in age to other kids like

Sealand 14
Fennoswede, Kven and Christiania 13
Molossia 12

like Sealand, Christiania, and Molossia

Sealand was founded in 1967
Christiania in 1971
Molossia in 1977

making them Christiania and Sealand 4 years apart and Molossia and Christiania 7 years apart andChristianiaand Sealand seem to be around the same age

let's say 5 years= 1 year so Molossia I think I will make Molossia 12 I will have work on her personality more since she would be older now

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5 months ago #9858495        

Every time i see somthing like this i stop breathing

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1 year ago #9844448        

Wasn't Esperanto invented by a Polish person? I guess that kinda counts as being an EU language?

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1 year ago #9844282        

Cute!! I wanna draw her with my Molossia, she's so cute XD

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