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Fanart: Kven's new look - Scandinavia and the World
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Kven's new look satwcomic.com

Fan Art

Kven's new look

Kven showing his hair to the others, I made his hair like his mothers (Sister Finland) because I thought it would be fun for him to have brown hair unlike Christiania and FennoSwede.

By: closetghostgal 27th September 2020

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The Royal Navy uses loud speakers blasting Britney spears music to scare off Somalian piraty

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Icelanders suffer from Small Nation Complex. Meaning they know they are the best Nation in the world.... Per capita of course!


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2 years ago #9848047        

Speaking of micronations, I was wondering, who is Christiania's mom?

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2 years ago #9846966        

This just my head canon

I know people a lot of people think that Sister Finland is Kven mom
due Humon saying the Kven people came from Finland,
but truth is I don't really see Norway and Sister Finland getting it on (unless they were like super drunk) but honestly looking Kven people up and their history I think Sami/Sister Lapland is Kven's mom https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kven_people

and they both have a circle a on their flags

and to be honest Humon never said Sister Finland was Kven's mom just that Kven are a group of people who migrated from Finland to Norway

and Kven came from the northern part of Finland and Sami live in norther part of Finland (and Norway and Sweden too)

3 years ago #9845133        

Yessss micronation gang! But one question I never cracked, who the fuggle is Sealand's mum?

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