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The UK Micronations!

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The UK Micronations!

Woo!! Finally, I finished it! So here are more UK micronations, because they also need some spotlight just like Sealand unu

The one on the left is the Kingdom of Lovely, the one in the middle is Austenasia, and the one on the left is Adammia.

Here are some semi brief descriptions of the three
•She is the youngest out of all the UK micronations but is very intimidating, even for her height and age (she's 7). Adammia won't hesitate to become aggressive when she finds out her other friends get hurt, she is also a quiet girl and is very secretive. No one ever knows what's going on in her mind, you can just find her staring off into the distance. She is a girl of few words as well, only becoming talkative when needed or when around her micronation peers. Adammia is also really overprotective on her other friends in the UK, because she is really lonely and a introvert.

•Austenasia is a micronation that is the third oldest, she is a eccentric young girl (which Pontinha finds storage) that likes to flex out most of her accomplishments as a micronation. She also has quite an ego, that's for sure. But Austenasia gets along with her "siblings" she is also pretty girly and doesn't like getting into messes, unless it involves her "siblings" getting hurt. But she can be serious and proper when needed.

Kingdom of Lovely
•The second oldest, he is a comedian and a pun master. Which annoys his other siblings but Austenasia especially, she finds his jokes unnecessary and annoying. But that doesn't stop him from making jokes, he is also a master prankster. So be careful when you're around him during April Fools...

And they know each other and basically lives in the same house, they treat each other like siblings (they're not biologically related although)

By: closetghostgal 30th September 2020

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4 months ago #9845052        

Oh shit I got Lovely's flag wrong :/

4 months ago #9845043        

Their ages
Lovely~ 13
Austenasia~ 12
Adammia~ 7
Sealand~ 14

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4 months ago #9845042        

I changed Adammia's age from 16 to 7, so that it would be accurate. Also this base belongs to someone else on Deviantart.

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