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Fanart: Meet Ladonia! - Scandinavia and the World
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Meet Ladonia!

I know I made a Ladonia OC already but I thought that OC was too similar to Hetalia!Ladonia, so I remade him, turned him into a girl and changed her personality a lot. Why did I make her a girl? I don't know, I thought it be funny if Ladonia was a girl compared to Hetalia!Ladonia.

So Ladonia is a lot more nicer now and is more cheerful and welcoming, but still thinks she's great. Hates being perceived as "weak" just because she is a girl, Ladonia is also a great artist, and likes to paint and sculpt in her free time. She can be a bit of a tomboy time to time as well, Ladonia also likes making new friends and is very social. She is an Internet micronation so she doesn't live in a house, only in her laptop and phone. She visits Skåne/Scania a lot because Ladonia is located in Skåne.

By: closetghostgal 14th October 2020

Community made Fact Cards:

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"lol" as word actually means "nonsense" in Welsh.

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George Washington called a ceasefire during the Revolutionary War to return a lost dog that belonged to a British General.


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6 months ago #9864044        

Ooooo ~
Scanias girlfriend

' @Closetghostgal' Do you live in Skåne? I live in Norrbotten!!!!!! I just wondered why you knewd so much

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2 years ago #9846109        

Is Ladonia Austria's daughter?

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2 years ago #9846082        

Extra info on her:
•Her birthday is June 2
•The paint on her skirt is actually her doing, Ladonia said that it "doesn't have enough art" so she splashed paint on it.
•Her bow came from Scania, who got it for her on her birthday. Now it became a tradition and Scania gives her one every year.

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