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Kingdom of Enclava

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Kingdom of Enclava

Enclava is the younger sister of Liberland, she is like 5 years old in human years.

Enclava tries to act mature and feels like she's ready to become an adult already but shows some childish sides of herself sometimes. Enclava also thinks that her older sister should be less calm and wants her to act serious, Liberland thinks she's adorable. Also is a massive tsundere, she may look cute and innocent but she will beat you if you call her that.

By: closetghostgal 17th October 2020

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Australia has been broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest since 1983, where it has gained a massive fan following ever since.


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Extra info on her:
•Her birth of date is unknown
•That black crown she has was given to her by Liberland
•Enclava's parents are Brother Slovenia and Croatia

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