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2020 Debate Songs

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2020 Debate Songs

Brother America is singing Weird Al president debate song "Who's it gonna be!?" aka WE'RE ALL DOOMED and Sister America is singing Blondie vice president debate song "One Heart Beat Away"

I think the uncertainty of singers fit Bro and Sis America, especially Bro America freaking out over rival stuff like murder hornets

anyway here are the songs WE'RE ALL DOOMED

and One Heart Beat Away

By: AmericanButterfly 21st October 2020

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Sweden has around 400 thousand moose during summer, making them the country with the most moose per capita.

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Right after Britain voted for Brexit, the pound's value slumped to its lowest point since 1985.


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1 year ago #9846763        

I'm not even American but this is funny

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America wearing England's shirt