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Meet the Aerican Empire!

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Meet the Aerican Empire!

Her design is one of my favorite ones not going to lie XD

Aerica is the kid of Quebec, but I don't know who the mom should be. Anyway, she lives with Quebec and sometimes visits Canada. Aerica is wild, loud, and cheerful. She is a carefree girl that doesn't like to get serious, she is also the definition of chaotic teenager energy. Aerica is very sociable and is the life of the party most of the time, sometimes she can be obnoxious but she means well. And because of that she has a hard time socializing and is considered 'weird' by most of the kids at her school (when she attended) so she turns to comics, books, TV shows, cartoons, or anything and that keeps her entertained. Aerica is a huge nerd but is also a big tomboy, she absolutely refuses to wear skirts unless mandatory. She likes to read and write fanfiction, she is also quite talented in dtawing in writing too. Her best friend is Talossa and her brothers are Vikesland (who passed off) and L'Anse Saint Jean.

By: closetghostgal 21st October 2020

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Austria changed a part of its National Anthem from "You are the home of great sons" to "You are the home of daughters and sons"

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All British battle tanks since 1945 are equipped with tea making facilities.


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Extra facts about her!
•Her birthday is at May 2
•Aerica has a Wattpad, Fanfiction.Net, and Ao3 account. (She also has the uncanny ability to hack into my Ao3 acc...)
•She was the most thought out character out of all of my micronation OC's
•She loves penguins to the point of worshipping them (yes the is a religion in Aerica, it's called Silinism. Look it up.) Aerica also owns a bunch of penguin plushies and has a pet penguin called Mr. Penguin.

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