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Old Comic made in 2014

so this is based on Whipping Tom who would spank women in Londen and Hackery walking in allyes or courtsides alone there was two, and they would yell "SPANKO!" after they were done spanking.

originally I wanted England as the role of Whipping Tom (because of reasons..) but I didn't know who I wanted the "victim" to be and I thought Sister England would be the best role, but then I thought not to have England role play as whipping Tom because I didn't want to draw a brother spanking his sister. so I just drew one of those white human balls things and kind of turn him to a pokemon with him only saying "SPANKO!" over and over again

so yes Sister England is walking home alone after shopping and is being followed by Whipping Tom/ Spankymon whom spanks her causing her to drop her groceries. the whip is tied to the mask thing.

fun fact when I was drawing this the song "Smack That" by eminem and Akon decided to play on my winamp randomly, oh irony :XD:

I was trying to draw Sister England's hair in her new look from Satw.

By: AmericanButterfly 14th November 2020

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Reykjavík's last mayor was an anarchist standup comedian. He had a particular fondness for meeting dignitaries dressed as Star Wars characters.

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People who are half Norwegian and half Swedish are called "Svorsk". A combination between "Norsk" (Norwegian) and "Svensk" (Swedish)


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