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Pan King Europe

Wasn't sure to make King Europe Bi or Pan but since I made Sis America bi I didn't want to copy that so I thought Pan would work best for King Europe. the mustache is drawn on cause dress up game didn't have any good mustaches. sorry if it looks out of place

I used this dress up game

By: AmericanButterfly 14th November 2020

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Only one person has been killed by the police in Iceland ever since it became a republic in 1944.

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Simo Häyhä was a Finnish sniper in WWII who, with over 700 kills in 105 days, can be thought of as the most deadly human in history. The Russians refered to him as The White Death.


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2 years ago #9848745        

My personal head canon is that EU is Pan, he just gives off major pan vibes which I can't explain.

11 months ago #9866318        

It literally looks like you took a random LGBTQ+ profile picture and drew a mustache on it \.

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