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Pan King Europe

Wasn't sure to make King Europe Bi or Pan but since I made Sis America bi I didn't want to copy that so I thought Pan would work best for King Europe. the mustache is drawn on cause dress up game didn't have any good mustaches. sorry if it looks out of place

I used this dress up game

By: AmericanButterfly 14th November 2020

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Victorian pudding: Before the Victorian times the christmas pudding was actual a staple of the British diet, it was a way of preserving meat, and was only became confectiony during Victorian times.


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2 years ago #9848745        

My personal head canon is that EU is Pan, he just gives off major pan vibes which I can't explain.

1 year ago #9866318        

It literally looks like you took a random LGBTQ+ profile picture and drew a mustache on it \.

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