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The 'oldest' micronation

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The 'oldest' micronation

[This is the second comic in the Micronations and the World comics]

This comic is about the time where I Goggled 'What's the oldest micronation and everything that popped up was Hutt River. I don't know if other countries get the same results although. :(

The girl on the right is the Republic of Saugeais and the one on the right is Seborga. And the ghost boi being bullied is obviously Hutt River.

By: closetghostgal 21st November 2020

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The Doomsday Seed Vault on Svalbard has over 21,500 cannabis seeds in it. That means that there are more seeds in there for weed than there are for aspargus, blueberry and raspberry, for example.

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"lol" as word actually means "nonsense" in Welsh.


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Rest in Peace Hutt River

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