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The 'oldest' micronation

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The 'oldest' micronation

[This is the second comic in the Micronations and the World comics]

This comic is about the time where I Goggled 'What's the oldest micronation and everything that popped up was Hutt River. I don't know if other countries get the same results although. :(

The girl on the right is the Republic of Saugeais and the one on the right is Seborga. And the ghost boi being bullied is obviously Hutt River.

By: closetghostgal 21st November 2020

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The King of Norway is 73rd in line to the British throne

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Victorian pudding: Before the Victorian times the christmas pudding was actual a staple of the British diet, it was a way of preserving meat, and was only became confectiony during Victorian times.


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Rest in Peace Hutt River

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