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Fanart: North Dumpling Island - Scandinavia and the World
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North Dumpling Island  satwcomic.com

Fan Art

North Dumpling Island

North is a micronation in the US, and is the kid of Norway and Sister America. (Because of North's fish addiction) North kind of acts like Svalbard most of the time, he is quiet and shy. Although he is very active and talkative when it comes to ecological matters and technology. He loves to invent and wants to save the environment like his creator and boss, Dean Kamen. North is very resourceful and tries to make use of anything he gets his hands on, he is also very imaginative and has some artistic skills when it comes to making blueprints and sketches of his inventions.

By: closetghostgal 22nd November 2020

Community made Fact Cards:

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The Royal Navy uses loud speakers blasting Britney spears music to scare off Somalian piraty

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Finland consumes the most coffee per capita in the whole world


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10 months ago #9863481        

Ohhhhhh heeee isssss sooooo cuuuttteee aaaannnd sooooo haaannnndddsooomeee immm diiieeeeinggg



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2 years ago #9849232        

I never heard of this micronation, honestly, I don't think Sis America would "get in the way of her Denmark/Norway ship" I mean unless they were suuuuuuppppperrrr drunk

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2 years ago #9849218        

Bonus facts about him;
•He, FennoSwede, and Kven are all half brothers.
•He's about 10-11 and is considered a child prodigy.
•Those two hairs sticking out in his hair represent the windmills there on the island.

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