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US Regions in Sims 4

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US Regions in Sims 4

I wanted to make my ocs the US regions in the Sims 4,

South I wanted her to have "thickness" but I didn't want her to be obese like each she little chubbier than other, but she is also the strongest physically so she has muscle mass too I also wanted her to have southern pride and hospitality look

Northeast I wanted to put him in a suit, I gave him green eyes, cause I didn't want him to have brown and I thought giving him blue eyes would be boring

Midwest I wanted to keep the country girl look but I kind of made her look an urban perhaps a mix which I think Midwest is like, we're not all farmers but give her a plaid shirt, I also gave her a heart necklace to show her nickname "Heartland" Sims 4 sadly does not have ear flap hat for adults so I gave her blue knit cap instead

West, I originally thought of making him a teenager but decided to keep him a young adult like the rest, sadly I couldn't add his blond streak in his hair and I didn't want to ruin the picture but drawing it myself.

By: AmericanButterfly 25th November 2020

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"lol" as word actually means "nonsense" in Welsh.

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In 1859, Great britain and USA almost went to war over a pig.


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10 months ago #9849470        

Maybe I should have given Northeast blue eyes cause he used to be New Netherland colony and is Netherland's son and he has blue eyes, but I think whatever, England has blue eyes and America has brown eyes, so it's fine if they don't have the same eye colors. also, fuck genetics anyway Denmark's made of sand, and Wales and New Zealand had a baby

10 months ago #9849429        

on my old computer I couldn't take screenshots of Sims 4 on fullscreen I had to do full window to take a picture but on my new computer, I'm able to tale fullscreen pictures :D that's why they look so crisps and clean

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America wearing England's shirt