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Christmas pickle

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Christmas pickle

I made this back in May and posted it on my DA but I wanted to wait until December to post it here

I'm just as confused as Germany

Anyway I found out about the Christmas Pickle that I guess is a tradition in the US and people thought it came from Germany because the ornaments were made in Germany idk

here more info

By: AmericanButterfly 2nd December 2020

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Finland is the most sparsely populated country in the European Union, with only 16 inhabitants per km².

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U.S. eggs are illegal in Britain because they are washed. British eggs are illegal in the U.S. because they are not


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11 months ago #9850367        

Nice touch making Ottowa have one in his mouth.

8 months ago #9854816        

this is actually a thing in Germany, but only in a special part of it I know it from friends that live in Stuttgart. But here in Bavaria no one knows about it xD

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America wearing England's shirt