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Christmas pickle

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Christmas pickle

I made this back in May and posted it on my DA but I wanted to wait until December to post it here

I'm just as confused as Germany

Anyway I found out about the Christmas Pickle that I guess is a tradition in the US and people thought it came from Germany because the ornaments were made in Germany idk

here more info

By: AmericanButterfly 2nd December 2020

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About 80% of Ukraine's general population speaks Russian due to the times that Russia invaded Ukraine.

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The Doomsday Seed Vault on Svalbard has over 21,500 cannabis seeds in it. That means that there are more seeds in there for weed than there are for aspargus, blueberry and raspberry, for example.


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5 months ago #9850367        

Nice touch making Ottowa have one in his mouth.

2 months ago #9854816        

this is actually a thing in Germany, but only in a special part of it I know it from friends that live in Stuttgart. But here in Bavaria no one knows about it xD

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